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Democrats, Parties, and Palestine: Five Stages of Political Grief

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“Politics is more like chess than boxing. Sometimes the answer isn’t to react quickly through mobilization, but to slowly build in the key areas of political power and influence–to occupy the center of the board…. The pro-Palestine movement needs to focus on out-organizing AIPAC within the Democratic Party.”



Hands raised and clasping, with the lettering "Block & Build" across the bottom and up the right side of the square.

Movement Voices


Building a Party Vehicle, with Maurice Mitchell (Working Families Party) Live From Rising Majority Congress 2024

In this episode, Maurice speaks to Working Families Party's role in strategy as they engage in political endorsement and organizing across the country at the local and national levels. They explore the type of party vehicle we need to build and drive to reach the long-term goals of a multi-racial, working class led political future and how we co-operate amidst our diverse range of needs and issues.
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Seemi Ghazi and father Abidullah Ansari Ghazi surrounded by family

Together we rise in remembrance: An interview with Seemi Ghazi

On Father’s Day 2024, which also falls on Eid-al-adha, please rise up with the spirit of Abidullah Al-Ansari Ghazi and Refaat Al Areer and watch this interview between Convergence Publisher Cayden Mak and Seemi Ghazi. Seemi Ghazi performs Refaat Alareer’s final poem, If I Must Die.
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