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Jane McAlevey with UTLA member Victoria Casas; Jane, on the left, has her arm around Victoria's shoulder. Both women are smiling.


Jane McAlevey, Los Angeles Teachers, and Fighting to Win

Article published:
“United Teachers Los Angeles was profoundly influenced by Jane McAlevey…. If the loving and assertive push was her trademark, then thinking audaciously big was its complement. To win structural change, Jane knew we needed strong locals—with strong, strategic national unions and powerful international solidarity.”



Hands raised and clasping, with the lettering "Block & Build" across the bottom and up the right side of the square.

Movement Voices


Lessons Learned From France’s New Popular Front, with Clément Petitjean

As finger pointing and arguing about Biden's fitness to remain the Democratic Party's presidential candidate continued all week here in the US, Great Britain and France made strides toward beating back autocratic and fascist rule in their own national elections. In this episode, Cayden is joined by Clément Petitjean (@clement_petitj), lecturer in English and Anglo-Saxon languages & literatures at Pantheon Sorbonne, University of Paris. Clément wrote for us in advance of last week’s snap elections in France about the emergence of the New Popular Front, and I’m excited to have him join me to debrief that election – and talk a little about what lessons we can glean from it as observers across the pond.
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Seemi Ghazi and father Abidullah Ansari Ghazi surrounded by family

Together we rise in remembrance: An interview with Seemi Ghazi

On Father’s Day 2024, which also falls on Eid-al-adha, please rise up with the spirit of Abidullah Al-Ansari Ghazi and Refaat Al Areer and watch this interview between Convergence Publisher Cayden Mak and Seemi Ghazi. Seemi Ghazi performs Refaat Alareer’s final poem, If I Must Die.
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