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Organizing Against Autocracy

Authors respond to Erica Chenoweth and Zoe Marks’ report “Pro-democracy Organizing Against Autocracy in the United States”, with next steps for preserving democracy.


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Movement Voices


Live from the RNC, plus Launching the New Anti-Authoritarian Podcast, with Chris Walker (Truthout) and Sue Hyde (22nd Century Initiative)

After the mass-shooting, assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump last Saturday, the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee continued as scheduled. news writer Chris Walker (@chriswalker) was on the ground in Milwaukee this week. He shares some of his reporting on the event—especially the heavy imprint of the Heritage Foundation—and on the protests around downtown Milwaukee that most media simply ignored.  Then 22nd Century Initiative Deputy Director Sue Hyde joins us to discuss the launch of the Anti-Authoritarian Podcast, a new project produced by Convergence and co-hosted by her and Scot Nakagawa.


Seemi Ghazi and father Abidullah Ansari Ghazi surrounded by family

Together we rise in remembrance: An interview with Seemi Ghazi

On Father’s Day 2024, which also falls on Eid-al-adha, please rise up with the spirit of Abidullah Al-Ansari Ghazi and Refaat Al Areer and watch this interview between Convergence Publisher Cayden Mak and Seemi Ghazi. Seemi Ghazi performs Refaat Alareer’s final poem, If I Must Die.
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