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Welcome to Block & Build – A Weekly Roadmap for the Left

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Block & Build
Block & Build
Welcome to Block & Build - A Weekly Roadmap for the Left

Every week, Block & Build takes on the current balance of political forces in the United States from a movement perspective. Host Cayden Mak, publisher of Convergence Magazine, guides listeners in an exploration of what’s happening in politics and what we can do about it – not simply as individuals acting alone, but as people coming together into a larger movement. The show examines the political strategy we call “Block & Build” as a point of view that impacts the way we approach both politics and everyday life.

This is the flagship podcast of the progressive trend in the broad anti-fascist front. Listeners are invited to join Cayden in discovering the routes we can take to not just defeat the authoritarian far Right, but build the influence of progressive and Left political ideas that are overwhelmingly popular, so we can come out of this year’s battles stronger, instead of depleted.

Many commentators struggle to zoom out, missing the forest for the trees and leading to more conversations that merely circle the drain of status quo horse-race politics. Instead, Block & Build aims to identify the places we do have power and opportunities to shape the landscape for progress.

The show features a rotating cast of some of the best minds in organizing today as they discuss what it means to evolve strategy and thinking to advance the governing power of the Left.

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