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Judith Barish and Sandra Hinson

Judith Barish is a writer, researcher, and analyst who works with community organizers and other progressive non-profits to help them tell their stories, both to the public at large and to funders. Her clients include faith communities, community organizing projects, labor unions, and environmental advocacy organizations. In 2022-23, she will be a mid-career student at the Harvard Kennedy School. Judith lives in Berkeley, California. Sandra Hinson serves as Managing Director for the Commonwealth Foundation for Inclusive Democracy and volunteers as a print editor for Convergence Magazine. From 1994 – 2019, she worked with Grassroots Policy Project (GPP, now the Grassroots Power Project) as an editor, writer, trainer, and Managing Director. Prior to that, she worked on health care reforms with the Communications Workers of America (CWA) Health and Welfare Trust.

Contributions from Judith Barish and Sandra Hinson