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Arab Spring

Photo of people at a protest with their hands held in the air


Marxism, The 21st Century and Social Transformation (Part 2) | Bill Fletcher Jr.

Article published:
The reshaping of the global Left, and quite possibly global politics, may have been found in the Arab democratic uprising (what some call the "Arab Spring" or Arab Democratic Revolution) that kicked off with the December 2010 rising in Tunisia. Though none of these uprisings can be described as "Left", at least in traditional terms, and though in some places the Left played a role in the uprisings, e.g., Tunisia, the scale and scope of the uprisings has been so significant so as to send shockwaves around the planet that go beyond the Left. In effect, these uprisings were anti-neo-colonial and objectively anti-neo-liberal. They were mass and were not religiously inspired (though drew upon various faiths for inspiration). [iii] And, contrary to many prior risings in the Arab World, they were not coups but rather were mass interventions that in many cases brought normal life to a halt.