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Linda Burnham on ‘Power Concedes Nothing’

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Black Work Talk
Black Work Talk
Linda Burnham on ‘Power Concedes Nothing’

As a writer, activist, strategist and political educator, Linda Burnham has developed a nuanced understanding of the complex path to building more power in this country. In this episode of BWT, she talked with co-hosts Steven Pitts and Lauren Jacobs about the new book she co-edited, Power Concedes Nothing: How Grassroots Organizing Wins Elections. Elections are not the only arena where we build and contest for power, Burnham observed, but it would be impossible “to build a broad base in this country while avoiding the electoral arena.”
The work done in 2020 by base-building groups like New Virginia Majority and Florida Rising—and chronicled in Power Concedes—shows how we can successfully build electoral majorities and build the thick relationships with working people that allow for successful action beyond elections. The conversation begun in the book can also set the groundwork for the national strategy development the Left so clearly needs. “How does set of people that’s doing the work get in the right place at the right time to talk about how are we building on this? What are we trying to get to? What’s going to take us there? What kinds of resources do we need?… That conversation has ripened, and we’ll get to the place where we can actually have it.”

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