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Midterm Views From the Grassroots, Part 2

Article published:
Volunteers with TakeAction MN head out to canvass

Underscoring the need to organize 24/7/365: From deep rural areas to big cities, voters resonated with bold proposals that met their suffering—but despaired at inaction from both parties.

Though most prattling pundits don’t seem to notice, grassroots organizing makes all the difference in high-stakes elections where we fight for every vote. Convergence and The Forge reached out to organizers whose intense and persistent work at the base—within and beyond the election cycle—played a crucial role in blocking the red wave this year. We asked them what worked, what didn’t, where we need to keep our focus for the fight ahead. You can read the first set of responses here. In the second installment of this series, we hear from:

Featured image: Volunteers with TakeAction Minnesota head out for a GOTV canvass. Courtesy of TakeAction Minnesota (Instagram).