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MIDNIGHT APOTHECARY: More healing, more of the time

Article published:

I am thinking a lot about B. Loewe’s article “An End to Self- Care” right now. My heart says yes to many key points. I, too, am yearning for more community healing and transforming our relationship to healing, specifically the way capitalism has taken healing out of our hands and made it expensive and something we see as a “luxury” and something kind of precious, but without muscle. Sometimes the prescription of self- care can be problematic: the inherent classism in some of the ethics of self-care, the illusion that our struggles and our healing are individual and separate from each other, the shitty cycle we can get into judging each other and ourselves for not meditating or eating well or resting. But these kind of declarations to end self – care and that there is no time for self -care hurts all of us, especially disabled people and chronically

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