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Count Every Vote!

Article published:
Photo with man in foreground holding up his fist to a backdrop of people at a protest

It’s time to focus every bit of election defense work on the push to count every vote.

Trump is claiming victory, but he is losing.

He hoped large-scale voter suppression would be enough to ensure his re-election. It didn’t work.

So now he wants to use his packed-by-the-GOP Supreme Court to stop states from counting votes, and to declare himself the winner.

But it’s the voters, not right-wing judges, that should and will decide the election. It’s no wonder Trump doesn’t want that. If he loses Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin and Michigan – where Biden pulled into the lead after Trump spoke – he loses the election. And if every vote is counted in Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina, major states where the outcome is uncertain as of this writing, Trump could well go down to a crushing loss.

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So it’s time to focus every bit of election defense work on the push to count every vote. To get an update and information about action steps, join the mass call hosted by The Frontline tonight at 8pm Eastern Time. And for resources and how to connect with The Frontline, Protect the Results, Choose Democracy, Labor Action to Defend Democracy, Seed the Vote and other pro-democracy organizations, go here.

This election is closer than it should have been. We can post-mortem the reasons we need to take these extra steps to defend democracy and defeat Trump later. There are many complex issues to sort through. But any evaluation that doesn’t include looking squarely at the way white supremacy is deeply embedded in the very structure of the U.S. would miss the forest for the trees.

Count Every Vote!