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A Five-Point Plan for Sanders, By Peter Dreier (American Prospect)

Article published:

Dreier lays out a systematic approach that the Sanders campaign could take in the coming period.  Regardless of whether you agree with it or not, the structure and rigor of his argument provide compelling points for future conversation.

1. Between now and the convention, Sanders should fight to the end to get as many delegates as possible.

2. At the convention and through Election Day, Sanders will surely remain on the public stage.

3. After Election Day, once Clinton has won the White House and the Democrats have recaptured the Senate, Sanders will be in a strong position to reshape the agenda of both the Democratic Party and the nation.

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4. After January, when the new president and Congress take office, Sanders will become chair of the powerful Senate Budget Committee—assuming Democrats retake the upper chamber, as predicted.

5. Through the 2018 midterm elections and beyond, Sanders can help build the “grassroots political revolution” without which, as he has said throughout his campaign, there is little hope for transformational change.

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