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What Comes Next? Scenario Planning to Protect Our Victory.

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Are you worried about what may happen November 3 – and what Trump might do after if he doesn’t like the election result? Seed the Vote and Generation Rising sponsored a webinar October 19 that covered what’s being done to ensure a decisive ballot box victory and plans for mobilizing the anti-Trump majority to defend democracy after election day. Presentations by Nelini Stamp from The Frontline and the Working Families Party, Max Elbaum from Organizing Upgrade and Jill Shenker from Seed the Vote went into detail an explained why we believe any attempt by Trump and his white nationalist enablers to carry out a coup can be defeated.

A video recording of the session is above, and a Spanish recording of the audio can be found here.

And don’t forget to take action. Sign up with Seed the vote to support local organizations in the home stretch, so we can ensure Trump is defeated by a wide margin:

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