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Today’s Uprising and the Global Fight against Racism

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Prexy Nesbitt has spent more than 50 years fighting white supremacy on three continents. He worked with liberation movements in southern Africa in the 1960s and built U.S and European solidarity with Africa in the 1970s. In the 1980s he participated in the intense battles against racism that marked Chicago in the Harold Washington era. Currently a Presidential Fellow of Peace Studies at Chapman University in Orange County, California, he continues to engage the world on issues of race, decolonization, and global justice.

Drawing on his rich experience to both analyze and advance the current uprising to defend Black lives, Prexy stresses the ways in which the fight against white supremacy is and always has been a global one. In this interview with Organizing Upgrade’s Max Elbaum, he offers a perspective on today’s battles that connects them across the years and the miles to fights in the 1960s and today from Mozambique, Angola and Guinea-Bissau to Palestine.