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This is not a drill LIVE, June 10: Rebellions, Repression, and Elections

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The explosion of the largest urban rebellions in the US since the 1960s has sharpened the political and economic crises that were already unfolding. In the backdrop of all of these overlapping crises, November’s election looms large, as Trump’s promised escalation of state violence and his drumming up of authoritarian sentiments puts the high stakes of the general election into sharp relief.

How do these urban rebellions and the state’s violent reaction reshape the political terrain? What new capacities do we now have and what new challenges must we grapple with so that we may defeat Trump and grow our movements? How must we shift our 2020 strategy? In this episode of This is Not a Drill: LIVE we talk about 2020 political and electoral strategy in the face of uprisings, pandemic, and crisis.

Hosts Adam Gold and Rishi Awatramani are joined by special guests Nelini Stamp (Working Families Party), Jennifer Epps-Addison (Center for Popular Democracy), Tami Sawyer (Black Voters Matter), and Max Elbaum (Organizing Upgrade) to discuss strategic questions facing left organizers at this crucial historical juncture.