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Best of OrgUp: ‘Remember You Are Fighting for the Whole Country’

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Organizing Upgrade stands poised for a new transformation. A group of organizers founded the site as a place to reflect on pressing questions following the 2008 crisis of racial capitalism. A new group revived it in 2017, responding both to the election of Donald Trump and the movement upsurge that began with Occupy Wall Street and continued with the Dreamers and Black Lives Matter, NoDAPL and Me Too and Bernie 2016.

Now we’re almost ready to unveil a long-overdue overhaul of our website. We’re excited about having a more attractive and user-friendly way to deliver content—and hope that the new features will help bring the unity and clarity our movements need going into these next critical years, as we fight the right and build multi-racial democracy. While we put finishing touches on the new site, we’re bringing you some highlights of the last 13 years. We begin with these reflections by Linda Burnham from early 2017.

‘Remember You Are Fighting for the Whole Country’

Veteran organizer and left thinker Linda Burnham offers insights to help left organizers navigate the complex dynamics of our current moment during a talk at the Center for Political Education in the Bay Area on January 14, 2017. Here she challenges us to leverage our particular struggles and to fight for the country as a whole, and she reminds that we need to both hold onto our revolutionary imagination and to ground our work in the world as it really is.

And you can read more of this analysis on OrgUp in “No Plans to Abandon Our Freedom Dreams.”


Alex Han
Alex Han is the Executive Editor of Convergence Magazine. He has organized with unions, in the community, and in progressive politics for two decades. As a vice president of SEIU (Service Employees International Union) Healthcare Illinois and Indiana, he helped tens of thousands of home-based healthcare and childcare workers unionize. He helped found United Working Families, an independent political organization that has elected movement leaders to city, county, and state offices. In 2020 he served on the national political team for the Bernie Sanders campaign. He has also worked with labor and community organizations around the country as part of the Bargaining for the Common Good network.


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