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Power Concedes Nothing book cover



Power Concedes Nothing is a powerful reminder that our collective fight for a society built upon the values of care, social justice, and multiracial democracy is the fight of our lives. As we do this work on multiple fronts – in our workplaces, our communities, and our movements – this book’s fierce contributors offer us battle-tested wisdom ​​for the struggle ahead.” 

– Bonnie Castillo, RN, Executive Director for National Nurses United

“A must-read for those concerned with racial justice and the future of our democracy!”

– Steve Phillips, founder, Democracy in Color 

Power Concedes Nothing is the kind of book an organizer dreams of! In this important and timely book, the authors detail the strategic and tactical decisions made by the social movement left in 2020 that played an important role in determining electoral outcomes.  As a dangerous constellation of far-Right forces continue to use the Big Lie and strategic racism to polarize and grow their base, Power Concedes Nothing shares powerful lessons that will be critical to building power and securing electoral victories in 2022 and beyond.”

– Erin Heaney, National Director, Showing Up for Racial Justice

​​”Before 2020, no presidential candidate ever got anything close to the 81 million votes that powered Joe Biden to the White House. A great deal of credit for that 81 million belongs to the wide array of social and economic justice organizations that hadn’t always plunged themselves into the difficult task of identifying and mobilizing sometime voters – disproportionately low-income and minority group members – but in 2020, did just that. How they did that and what they learned in the process is the subject of the trenchant reports in this volume by a wide range of savvy organizers. It’s required reading for anyone who understands that democracy itself is on the ballot in 2022 and 2024 – and who wants to see it preserved and expanded.”

– Harold Meyerson, Editor at Large, The American Prospect

Power Concedes Nothing is full of valuable and honest insights from writers who led some of the most important work that contributed to our victories in the 2020 elections. This book is essential reading for all progressive organizers and strategists who are interested in both winning elections and building power for the long term.”

– Maria Peralta, National Political Director, SEIU;
Co-Founder, Win Justice

“In general, there’s too little public reflection – especially among the nascent democratic socialist left – on the actually-existing interventions in the messy world of anti-establishment coalition-based electoral organizing. For a left that is skeptical about, if not hostile to, getting its hands dirty with this sort of work, and for the broader constellation of non-profit and working class organizations that sense that skepticism, this sort of shared writing is an important basis for future shared political work. Power Concedes Nothing looks like a very useful resource to those of us trying to build something inside of that tension.”

– Jonah Furmanlabor activist and writer

“Defeating a patriarchal, white supremacist authoritarian was our task in 2020, crucial for our communities and for people and movements across the globe.  We needed to provide a long view, a comprehensive and nuanced power building strategy. That meant  not abandoning the electoral arena to the extreme right, the Neocons and the Neoliberals. We needed united fronts and masses in motion. The chapters in this book tell the behind-the-scenes stories of the planning and on-the-ground work that led to victory. They provide crucial lessons about the transformative, visionary, strategic, and creative civic engagement that is needed for our long haul road to liberation.”

– Cindy Wiesner, Executive Director, Grassroots Global Justice Action Fund

Power Concedes Nothing documents and reflects on the kind of organizing it will take to build a majoritarian coalition capable of defeating the right. It contains important lessons for everyone who is concerned about accomplishing that vital task.”

– Michael Podhorzer, Senior Advisor to the President, AFL-CIO

“We need to study, re-study and then study again the lessons from Georgia elections 2018-2021. Power Concedes Nothing is a good place to start.”

– LaTosha Brown,Co-founder, Black Voters Matter Fund

“This is the untold story of how people powered grassroots movements in multiple states transformed the political landscape in the 2020 elections and wrote a blueprint for a multiracial democracy in America going forward.”

– José LaLuz, labor strategist and member of DSA’s National Political Committee

“An effective electoral strategy and practice – one that is carried out at scale and makes our base communities stronger and more connected – is absolutely essential for building a powerful US left. By providing a detailed recounting and in-depth analysis of progressive electoral engagement in 2020, Power Concedes Nothing makes a huge contribution to getting us there.”

– Bill Fletcher, Jr., long time trade unionist, writer, and a past president of TransAfrica Forum. Coauthor of “Solidarity Divided”; author of “‘They’re Bankrupting Us’ – And Twenty other Myths about Unions”; author of “The Man Who Fell From the Sky”

“Organizers know best what works and doesn’t work to build the sustained grassroots power needed to win elections, state by state. Power Concedes Nothing captures the frontline expertise that effective progressive political strategy depends on.”

– Anthony ThigpennFounder and President, California Calls

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