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Our New Name

Why Organizing Upgrade became Convergence

Convergence began 13 years ago as Organizing Upgrade, a space where organizers could discuss strategy and share organizing models that responded to the profound dangers and the real opportunities of the political moment. From the start, we’ve taken pride in being a publication by and for social movements that offers strategic analysis, assessments, and arguments about building the power of the multi-racial working class.

Over the last decade, a radical spirit has arisen as movements for justice have gained momentum. Today, the US left is stronger than it’s been in decades. We have an unprecedented opportunity to increase our influence by becoming a force in leading the struggle to defend democracy and dismantle racial capitalism. In order to meet this opportunity head on, we must foster an environment for discussion, growth, and shared strategies. Harnessing the spirit, knowledge, and momentum of movements will lead us to the path towards victory.

Convergence refers to the process by which distinct currents come into alignment. We believe our primary task is to unite social movements, the left, and progressives into a new governing majority capable of defeating the racist authoritarian right, securing a multi-racial democracy, and building a radically democratic economy.

Convergence is where movements meet to sharpen their collective practice, lift up stories about organizing, and engage in strategic debate. We are created by and for “practical radicals,” those of us whose desire to understand the world is only matched by our desire to change it.

Our new name also reflects the joy, beauty and resilience of our communities and our shared vision of the future. We acknowledge the very real challenges, limits, and obstacles we face–but believe that by coming together, we can defy those challenges and realize our vision.