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Privilege, reparations, and communities of care | bodies of story

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So my friend B wrote this blog. And then some amazing people responded to it. Absolutely all of those pieces of writing are worth reading. Every single one. So many brilliant things have been said about ableism, class, burnout, grassroots healing, and care. I’ve been thinking about B’s piece a lot since I first read it a few days ago. I have had a lot of different responses and big emotions related to it since then, about privilege and other things, but right now what I’m thinking about is how different our roles in this conversation are. I’m thinking about how so much of this discussion is so relevant to our different relationships to heteropatriarchy, capitalism, and white supremacy. We with privilege tend to universalize our experiences, to mistakenly assume that what happens for us can be assumed to happen to others with less privilege.

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