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Maurice BP-Weeks: Racial capitalism, ‘because I’m Black all the time’

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In this tenth episode of Black Work Talk, host Steven Pitts welcomes Maurice BP-Weeks, co-founder of the Action Center on Race and the Economy (ACRE). ACRE sits at the nexus of the struggles for racial and economic justice. As such, they provide campaign assistance to local organizations and engage in national campaigns against corporate elites.  Equally important, ACRE shapes the national narrative around role of the corporate elites in the exploitation of communities of color.  Last year, Maurice wrote a key article stating that Amazon was a key symbol of racial capitalism.  Given the efforts of workers in Bessmer Alabama to form a union, Maurice’s voice is an important one to hear on Black Work Talk.  Here are links to ACRE and some of Maurice’s thoughts:

Weeks – Looking for the Symbol of Racial Capitalism? Look No Further than Amazon

Money, Power, Respect – Interview with Maurice BP-Weeks


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