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Jen Soriano, Hermelinda Cortés, and Joseph Phelan

Jen Soriano (she/they) is a writer, strategist, and leader in the field of racial justice communications. She co-founded ReFrame and MediaJustice, and represented ReFrame as an expert partner with the Disinformation Defense League. Hermelinda Cortés (she/they) is the child of Mexicans and West Virginians, country folks, farmers, factory workers, and trailer parks. She has the great fortune of serving the visions of ReFrame (as Signals Director and a member of the Leadership team), the Radical Communicators Network and Country Queers. Joseph Phelan (he/his) is a creative strategist with over two decades of experience in direct action, mass mobilization and deep power building organizing. He is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of ReFrame.

Contributions from Jen Soriano, Hermelinda Cortés, and Joseph Phelan