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The Anti-fascism of Fools, by David Broder (Jacobin)

Article published:

In this piece, David Broder argues that portraying Trump as a fascist and calling for left forces to focus on challenging his candidacy could lead to implicit support for Clintonian politics.

“The portrayal of Trump as not just a worse racist and nationalist than his opponents, but a fascist, allows the likes of Hillary Clinton to pose as high-minded defenders of decency in public life and democratic values. To put it kindly, these terms would not likely be associated with her dynastic candidacy if she could not transplant #ReadyforHillary onto the contest of “status quo versus barbarism.”

Dylan Riley has aptly referred to this as the “hysterical lesser-evilism implicit” in calling the Republican front-runner a fascist — a call for maximum unity behind the Democratic nominee, on whatever platform. It is a program for demobilization, turning movements for social change into conservative get-out-the-vote operations.”

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