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“I didn’t sign up to lose”

Article published:
Bill Fletcher Jr. speaking at a podium in duotone fuschia color.

Happy birthday to our advisory board member, Bill Fletcher Jr!

We admire Bill for his intelligence, compassion, and directness. His curiosity and creative efforts has guided many of us through his involvement with the labor movement, movements for racial justice and inter/national liberation, and movements against the authoritarian right. We always appreciate the advice Bill gives us as well as the pieces he writes for Convergence.

His political sharpness and imagination led him to creative writing, such as his mystery novels The Man Who Changed Colors and The Man That Fell From the Sky.

The Man Who Changed Colors delves into the complicated relationships between Cape Verdean Americans and African Americans, liberation movements in Cape Verde, Portuguese and Greek fascists taking root in the United States, and shipyard working conditions that leads to a worker falling to his death.

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All these issues intertwine as investigative journalist David Gomes keeps asking questions about that shipyard worker’s death. His dogged pursuit of the truth puts his life in danger and upends the scrappy Cape Cod newspaper he works for.

As we are in pursuit of telling the truth to the many in order to combat the rising fascist trends in our societies, we recommend you take a look at his works for his birthday.

Please also read this message he wrote for Convergence in this month of Juneteenth, Father’s Day, and in a pivotal moment for our movements, as he edits his third novel:

Let’s cut to the chase. We need you to subscribe to Convergence.

Convergence is my magazine of choice for coming to grips with the moment we’re in and what needs to be done. The articles are not hype but are of substance. And, in a moment when we are being actively discouraged from engaging in critical reading and thinking, Convergence is here for us as an alternative.

Convergence is a magazine for those in the left and progressive movements who recognize the domestic and global growth of rightwing authoritarianism. Yet Convergence goes beyond exposures regarding dangers and threats. It seeks to answer the proverbial question: what must be done?

I know that YOU are asking just that question. You are probably feeling deluged with ‘end of the world’ scenarios, whether due to the electoral situation, wars across the planet, wealth polarization and/or the environmental catastrophe.

And I get that.

It feels as if a juggernaut of immense size and terror is approaching us. Unfortunately, that is the way that much of the mainstream and social media make us all feel. You want to run off and hide. The problem is that the other side is not running off and hiding.

Convergence is brutally honest about the situation we face, but it also provides answers, scenarios and choices that those of us challenging imperialism and rightwing authoritarianism can make toward the possibility of winning.

And, I am sure that you are with me on this: I did not sign up to lose.

So, Convergence needs your support, and it needs it now. Here’s how you can help:

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Anyone who is serious about fighting the rising authoritarian trend needs to subscribe to Convergence.

Here’s additional writings from Bill we’ve been revisiting in the context of our Father’s Day interview with Seemi Ghazi on honoring the full humanity of our grief and love:

Wish Bill a happy birthday by reading his writings and subscribe to Convergence!

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